Hot Dogs At Tony Packo's

Have the most historic hot dog in the Midwest at home

Every town has one.

The iconoclastic spot–be it diner or butcher shop–that seems to evade time is as much a part of a town's makeup as its best known landmark. Sometimes, that spot is the landmark itself.

For Toledo, Ohio, Tony Packo's is that place.

The casual outpost opened in 1932 and since then has propagated a superb regional style of hot dog, doused with mustard, onions and Packo's proprietary spiced beef chili sauce.

Opened by a factory worker and now run by Tony Packo's son and grandson (also both Tonys), the business has expanded to include five Toledo locations and a robust mail-order business, serving as both a lifeline for devotees who have moved away and an entry point for newfound fans.

Before wiener season comes to a close, consider springing for a jar of Packo's sweet hot pickles ($13 for two jars) as the base for a zippy relish. Or order a hot dog and chili pack ($89 to $99), which will supply you with enough dogs and toppings to feed 10 of your closest friends.

Unfortunately, these meaty care packages don't come with the ambiance and regalia that eating on-site affords. To peruse the photos and the collection of buns papering the walls of the original location and signed by famous visitors over the years (including five presidents), you'll have to head to the heart of it all.