SundeVich Sandwich Restaurant - D.C.

SUNdeVICH travels the world for sandwiches

We may be projecting, but the food traveler's dream is to wander down an alley in a foreign country and discover a transporting restaurant that excels.

While SUNdeVICH is not in a foreign land, this new sandwich shop, situated in an unmarked carriage house down a Shaw alley, tastes like it is, with a menu of thick sandwiches inspired by cities around the world.

Owner Ali Bagheri marinates an assortment of meats, inspired by his favorite international flavors. To ensure that the bread matched the quality of his other ingredients, he contracted a baker for his demi-baguette, concocting a recipe for wider loaves, meaning more fillings packed on each crusty slice.

The Beirut ($10) sandwiches juicy cuts of medium-rare skirt steak with hummus, diced tomato, pickled vegetables, tarragon and mint. Thick slices of beef tongue star on the Shiraz ($10), with house mustard and pickles.

Outside the Middle East, the Kingston ($9) tops spicy, juicy jerk chicken with pineapple salsa, spicy cabbage slaw, and garlicky mayonnaise, while the Buenos Aires ($10) flavors skirt steak with bright chimichurri and caramelized onions.

In globally conscious fashion, the shop–itself made using reclaimed and vintage materials–will soon convert to only biodegradable and compostable packaging.

SUNdeVICH, 1314 9th St. NW (at Naylor Ct.); 202-319-1086 or