July Recommendations

Amid sports-league lockouts, debt ceilings and a gruesome display of violence in a famously peaceful country, it would be easy to feel disheartened by the events of the past month.

Instead, thanks to a series of delicious finds, we're taking solace in our taste buds. Cheer up and dig in:

To Clarify One of India's favorite cooking fats has been reinterpreted with a California ethos courtesy of Bay Area company Ancient Organics. Use its ghee in a simple but tasty recipe for fried basmati rice.

Rainbow Connection Much like the whoopie pie, several cities lay claim to the snowball, an icy dessert ideal for summer. Methods vary, but one aspect remains consistent across state lines: Your snowy confection should be stained with a myriad of neon-hued syrups before you enjoy.

Bee Line Traditional sweeteners don't seem to hold sway over chefs' hearts any longer. Instead, swarms of dishes incorporate honey as the way to boost the sweetness naturally. Try the nectar in a picnic-perfect pulled-pork sandwich or as part of a subtle panna cotta.

In the Margins Go beyond the menus of your favorite restaurants and see where the ingredients come from with Real Time Farms. This interactive site makes sourcing ingredients–both at the consumer and commercial level–a snap.