The Sweet Lobby Bakery

The Sweet Lobby is a tiny haven for small sweets

Lobbyists can sometimes leave a sour taste in this town.

But the Hill's newest group is advocating for nothing but sweetness.

The Sweet Lobby, a tiny new bakery on Barracks Row, is baking colorful, creatively flavored French macarons ($1.60), delicate madeleines ($5 for 4) and some requisite, but worthy, cupcakes ($2.75).

Rather than resort to the usual pastry-case selections, brother-and-sister owners Tony and Winnette McIntosh created Steep, a line of loose-leaf teas, to infuse their buttercream-filled and gluten-free pastries with fresh flavors.

So Sweet Lobby's macarons are scented with softly herbal Earl Grey, floral jasmine and lively green tea. Rooibos orange-ginger tea even flavors the mildly spicy madeleine cookies, which go well with a hot cup of the same fruity blend.

The innovation does not stop with tea-flavored pastries. In addition to such standard cupcake flavors as red velvet, triple chocolate and a ganache-topped chocolate-coconut, the bakery also offers The Cupcake Lab. The experimental service will execute your dream cupcake, from fruit-and-herb combinations to an ideal themed party favor.

This lobbying group is sure to win some votes.

The Sweet Lobby, 404 8th St. SE (at Pennsylvania Ave.); 202-544-2404 or