Basil Thyme Food Truck - D.C.

Eat your pasta on wheels

Cast aside sandwiches, salads and the other predictable stalwarts of grab-and-go lunches.

The new food truck Basil Thyme is serving pasta that tastes like it came out of an Italian grandmother's kitchen.

The owners roll out their from-scratch pastas each morning, rotating among Italian-American classics like manicotti, ziti and different lasagnas.

Thick slabs of a variety of lasagnas ($9) are the house specialty. The Linda is modeled after classic lasagna, layering seasoned ground beef between thin sheets of pasta with ricotta and bubbling tomato sauce. The vegetarian Giuseppe incorporates an array of seasonal vegetables, including portobello and slices of summer squash in a thyme-steeped besciamella sauce. The meat-filled Pasquale packs an Italian sub's worth of salami, pancetta, pepperoni and prosciutto within the folds of delicate pasta.

When ziti is on the menu, order the baked casserole ($9), which combines the truck's house-rolled noodles in a tomato sauce thickened with generous heaps of Parmesan cheese.

Each portion comes with a salad of roasted peppers and olives. The full combination meal ($10) includes a drink and flaky cannoli, filled with thick, house-made cinnamon-chocolate cream.

It's pasta on a roll.

Basil Thyme, 855-588-7282 or