Fiesta Springfield's Filipino Barbeque | Springfield, Washington D.C.

Most D.C. neighborhoods are rife with Thai, Chinese and even Korean restaurant options. But anyone craving classic Filipino barbecue and noodles has been out of luck.

Finally, a delicious solution: Fiesta Springfield's special Saturday spread, which should be a destination for those seeking generous portions of Filipino comfort food.

Dip lechon kawali ($10 per pound), pan-fried pork belly, into chile-fortified vinegar sauce, then eat the crisp nuggets over rice to absorb the extra sauce. Pork also studs containers of garlic- and citrus-spiked pancit ($6), pan-fried rice vermicelli with shrimp, crunchy cabbage and carrots.

For a vegetarian option, Fiesta's fat lumpia ($1.25), or fried spring rolls, burst with unexpected ingredients, including green beans, sweet potato and bean sprouts.

The liveliest weekends are when Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is preparing for a fight. On these occasions, the tiny market loads its display with skewers of glistening barbecued pork ($1.50). Arrive soon after the store's 10 a.m. opening to guarantee your supply, or go big and order a whole bronzed lechon in advance (up to $300 for a 75-pound hog).

Tropical fruits sweeten the vast selection of desserts. Pichi-pichi ($2.50) is a chewy mix of steamed cassava and sweet coconut, while fried banana fritters called turon (50 cents) are so popular that savvy customers buy them by the tray.

Fiesta Springfield Oriental Store, 6230 Rolling Rd., Springfield; 703-913-9820