Paradis Ice Cream |Glendale, Los Angeles

Try a taste of Denmark in Glendale

We've found ourselves wanting to head to Pinkberry lately. Well, a former Pinkberry, but it's still a craving for something frozen and sweet that we're aiming to fix.

Paradis, a stateside location of a Danish chain, is located in a space vacated by the yogurt giant, and the newcomer wholly deserves to be equally popular.

The classics–vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, caramel–are well represented, but at Paradis these familiar scoops all taste just a bit more like themselves. The clarity of flavor in, say, a strawberry sorbet is a testament to the fact that little more than fresh berries are used in making it.

Each day's selection of 15 or so ice creams and sorbets is made at Paradis' year-and-a-half-old Montrose location, the recipes pulled from a 300-flavor-strong arsenal. Tastes of elderflower and mint-lime sorbets that owner Mia Pedersen shared with us quickly sparked the need to consume at least a scoop of each.

The most obvious Danish touch is the only "ø" on the menu, flødebolle. Recast for Paradis' new American clientele as marshmallow topping, these chocolate-coated fluffs of sweet confection are immensely popular in Denmark, and it's easy to see why: A flødebolle inches a dish of ice cream toward sundae territory.

Paradis, 2323 Honolulu Ave. Glendale; 818-248-1004 or