Mother's Day Gift Shop

Let us help you shop for Mom

Mom has always been your ultimate arbiter of taste, from preschool snacks through prom attire. Now it's time to show her all that you have learned.

To that end, today marks the launch of our Mother's Day Shop, featuring a selection of Tasting Table's favorite gifts for Mom, all in one convenient place.

We've carefully chosen wholesome, adventurous, offbeat and downright scrumptious gifts that a mother and, frankly, anyone else could love.

In lieu of inking your bicep with a heart-shaped tattoo, show your appreciation with bimonthly deliveries of seasonal jam. If you don't have the time or skills to bake her a heartfelt gift, we've collected Tasting Table-approved sources for excellent treats, including chocolate-butterscotch bars, artful chocolates and berry-packed pies.

We've also assembled an effortless way to commemorate Mom's best recipes, a selection of favorite cookbooks and, for the tech-savvy matriarch, a high-tech blender that also makes soup.

So go ahead: Buy her the mother lode.