The Doughnut Vault & Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter | Chicago

Seek out these two new sweets

The scent of pastry in progress is wafting in new abundance from two corners.

It's perfuming the intersection of Walton and Michigan with aromas of caramelized sugar, and Franklin and Illinois with freshly fried dough.

Liège-style waffles at Hendrickx Other than its iron mold, this Gold Coast bakery's new offering ($5) has little in common with the Belgian waffles found on countless brunch menus.

Instead of a batter, Liège waffles are made with a yeast dough flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, Belgian pearl sugar and honey, then left to rise.

A turn on the iron caramelizes the dense sugar nubs and crisps the waffle's exterior, leaving a rich, layered interior that's akin to a happy marriage of a brioche and a croissant. Eat it as the Belgians do: on the go, without toppings and still warm. Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter, 100 E. Walton St.; 312-649-6717

The Doughnut Vault Buttermilk ($2) and gingerbread ($3) cake doughnuts, chestnut-, vanilla- and chocolate-glazed yeast doughnuts ($3), and French-press Metropolis coffee ($1) are the sole purviews of this miniscule new shop next to Gilt Bar.

Dough master "Francois" (the nom de doughnut of a former Gilt Bar cook who prefers to stay anonymous) will add filled and fruit doughnuts to the lineup soon. The airy rounds have been selling out quickly, but owner Brendan Sodikoff promises production will be ramped up this week. The Doughnut Vault, 401 N. Franklin St.;