Scanwiches Blog By Graphic Designer Job Chonko

A visual homage to our favorite lunch

The lunchtime sandwich is a daily routine for many, its one-handed design and ubiquitousness earmarking it as the perfect workday meal.

It was certainly so for Jon Chonko, a New York-based graphic designer. Then, in 2009, he began looking at his midday practice in a new way: through a scanner.

For his blog, Scanwiches, Chonko has captured images of every sandwich he's eaten, creating a gorgeous gallery of lunchtime glory, with mug shots ranging from a classic PB&J to fried bologna. No sandwich eaten has been scanned twice.

The pastime led Chonko to plenty of new finds and even a new temporary career. For the past few months, Chonko has devoted his full attention to his forthcoming book, which will be published on November 3 (National Sandwich Day).

The book doesn't have explicit recipes. Instead, it lists ingredients for each sandwich, as well as anecdotes and explanations for every scan.

Attention, sandwich obsessives: If you consider yourself a sandwich artist, submit your best work here for a chance to be featured in the book. Chonko will handle the scanning himself, but if you want to capture your own handiwork for posterity, he offers a few tips: Avoid hot and wet creations, as the first will fog your screen and the second is just a mess.

We'll never look at lunch the same way again.

Editor's note: Contest is over and a winner's been selected!