Umami Burger + Cake Monkey's Apple Pie | Los Angeles

A sneakily savory new dessert

To name your restaurant after a given taste is to stake a serious claim.

At his ever-growing Umami Burger empire, Adam Fleischman has stayed true to his signature flavor–from the eponymous burger to Umami's other meat-and-bun creations.

But where does umami, defined by its singular savoriness, fit into a dessert menu?

Local baking outfit Cake Monkey has the answer. Since the beginning of the month, all Umami locations have been serving the bakery's take on the ideal follow-up to the all-American burger: apple pie (pictured; $6).

Known for its playful takes on Pop Tarts, Sno Balls and other such confections, Cake Monkey's sweets often sound like what mom might have made if she carried a dispensary card; this pie follows suit.

The dough is made by cutting butter into flour, then mixing in umami-rich shards of Cabot Creamery cheddar cheese. This leaves the crust tasting something like a Cheez-It–and we mean that in the best of ways.

Pink Lady and Granny Smith apples are deeply caramelized before being baked into the crust, recalling a tarte Tatin. Apple cider jelly, brown butter and vanilla bean are the finishing touches to the predominantly tart filling.

Let's hope umami continues to encroach on sugar's reign over dessert.

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