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Catch a buzz from Julie Peres' cake

Imagine the kind of cake your grandmother might bake on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Now, imagine that cake if your grandmother were once a bootlegger and brothel owner.

For Julie Peres, owner of the delivery-only bakery Immaculate Confections,

that recipe is a rum-soaked Bundt cake (pictured; $45), which Peres has tweaked into a signature dessert that wears its heritage proudly.

The cake's dense and moist crumb swells with a rum-and-vanilla glaze, giving a bread-pudding-like texture to the dessert's outer strata.

Various booze bottles are poured into the batters and glazes for Peres' other confections, which include bourbon, KahlĂșa and Grand Marnier cakes. During the month of March, though, it's only her beer cake we're craving.

A St. Patrick's Day special, the cake ($45) incorporates Guinness into both the chocolate batter and the vanilla glaze. The roasty flavors of the darkly malted beer and the intensity of the chocolate make this a cake we'd gladly enjoy with or without shamrocks looming large on the calendar.

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