Mr. And Mrs. Miscellaneous' Secret Weapon: Cookies

We can thank Anthony's Cookies for introducing San Francisco to the "meta cookie"–that is, a cookie made of other cookies (in this case, something Anthony's calls Cookies and Cream, the batter studded with crushed Oreos).

But we should applaud Dogpatch's Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, Ian Flores and Annabelle Topacio, for taking the genre a step further with their genius addition to the cookie pantheon. People, are you ready for the peanut brittle cookie?

This is not to dissuade you from a scoop of their superlative ice cream, particularly the rocky road and the bananas foster, with its musky notes of burnt sugar. But were you to overlook the cookie ($2), shot though with semi-melted bits of house-made brittle, at once chewy and crisp, with pockets of sticky peanuts...well, we couldn't in good conscience let you do that.

The peanut brittle is also sold by the jar ($6 small, $13 large) and blended into a vanilla ice cream base. Would an ice cream sandwich made from those cookies and the brittle ice cream be considered gilding the lily? Maybe, but we'd be willing to try.

Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, 699 22nd St. (at Third St.); 415-970-0750 or