Food Court Food Gallery 32 In Koreatown | New York City

Stamp your passport at Food Gallery 32

We usually know exactly what we want for dinner by the time it rolls around, but certain situations (big groups, indecisive friends) demand options. Those situations lead us straight to one of the city's new fancy food courts.

The latest in the genre, Koreatown's three-level Food Gallery 32, is also the most intriguing. The head-scratching starts with the giant stage installed in the top-floor dining room (ready for an impromptu Korean pop concert) and continues with a cell-phone store on the mezzanine.

But doubts stop at the food. Seven stalls line the perimeter of the converted bank; start with the Taiwanese fried-chicken from Bian Dang, formerly of NYC Cravings Truck. The crisp bird is splashed with pan drippings before it beds down with pickled cabbage and rice ($8).

Nearby, Boon Sik Zip specializes in Seoul street snacks such as fried squid, sushi-cousin kimbap ($5) and soon dae ($6)–a mild blood sausage. O-de-ppang offers Japanese fare such as tuna-mayo onigiri and sizzling teppanyaki.

After dinner, pause at the Tokyo-style crepe booth for a sticky-sweet Milk Toaster (raisin toast with condensed-milk filling; $3.50). As you finish the night by upgrading your data plan, it becomes clear: Variety truly is the spice of life.

Food Gallery 32, 11 W. 32nd St. (between Fifth and Sixth aves.); 212-967-1678