Porc Mobile's Veggie Sloppy Joe | Washington D.C

Porc Mobile's sandwiches aren't your average joes

Barbecue is usually a ribs-and-pork affair.

To that end, the new food truck Porc Mobile has assembled a rolling barbecue pit, from which it serves slow-cooked pulled pork and pulled beef that's smoked for 24 hours. But the menu's highlights have a slightly sloppier bent.

The veggie sloppy joe (pictured; $6) has the sweet and tangy vinegar of the classic sloppy sandwich, but this vegan version heaps black beans with shiitake and porcini mushrooms, sautéed onions, and bell peppers onto the fluffy burger bun. The beans are smoked instead of boiled, so they have the deep, woody flavor that usually comes from bacon.

Instead of ground beef, the truck's crew uses their hickory- and apple-smoked pulled beef in the traditional sloppy joe ($7). The tender chuck roll is tossed in familiar tomato-based sloppy joe sauce and given a subtle suggestion of heat.

You can strengthen the spice with one of the house sauces. Though it sounds over-the-top, the house Porc sauce is our favorite. It's a tart, spicy and nearly creamy spread made with the drippings from the 12-hour smoked pork.