iPhone Application Available

Announcing Tasting Table To-Go

We'll cut to the chase: Our iPhone application–Tasting Table To-Go–launches today, and it might change your dining life. Plus, it's free.

Download it now and you can stop printing our e-mails, because Tasting Table To-Go lets you take all our eating and drinking recommendations with you, wherever you go. 

Here's how it works: You're heading home from work when a craving for that fried chicken, pho and/or peerless margarita you read about in TT strikes. Hard.

Tasting Table To-Go will help you get your fix. Launch the app and you'll see all nearby and TT-approved restaurants, bars and shops plotted out on a handy map. Then read articles, preview menus and dial or click to make reservations (and tell your friends what you're craving via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail).

Bonus: The app is also the portable version of Tasting Table To-Dos, your appetite's personal secretary. Click the red "TT To-Dos" button on any of our stories to add our picks to your own To-Do list, which you can also display by location on your phone.

Stay hungry: We'll be launching great new updates and features over the coming months.