Granville Moore's Opens For Brunch

Greet the weekend at Granville Moore's

The lively, beer-focused Granville Moore's has been responsible for many powerful hangovers. So it's only fitting that the H Street gastropub is now open to help diners recuperate with its new Saturday brunch.

The Belgian-style restaurant is greeting the weekend with homey, filling–and at times just greasy enough–brunch fare.

Braised bison brisket is cut by peppery arugula and served with sunny-side-up eggs over toasted French bread ($13.50) for the ultimate carnivore's bruschetta.

Chef Teddy Folkman griddles flat vegetarian sausage, which he makes in-house, topping the patties with delicate rounds of poached eggs and a spread of creamy Dijon mayonnaise ($12).

The Good Doctor ($13.50), a tribute to the restaurant's namesake, is a loaded breakfast sandwich, layering fluffy scrambled eggs, bacon, Cheddar, avocado and spicy mayonnaise into a soft potato roll.

For a snack, fried French toast sticks ($10) are crisp and buttery, sweetened with cinnamon-apple butter and dabs of whipped cream.

In true Granville style, the restaurant offers a special brunch beer, the Liefman's Fruitesse ($5), a refreshing fruit beer that is served on the rocks and popping with cherry, raspberry and strawberry flavors.

Granville Moore's, 1238 H St. NE; 202-399-2546 or