October Highlights

Revisiting our favorite eating experiences

Smoke Screen Add a woodsy char to your favorite indoor dish with cherrywood-smoked olive oil and soy sauce. It sure beats trying to light a fire in the snow.

Pear Necessities Agave lovers would do well to ditch collegiate stores of lime wedges for xoconostle, a new salty-sour snack from Mexico. The dried strips come courtesy of heirloom-bean man Steve Sando.

Bett High Master sommelier Richard Betts is our Robin Hood of wine. For his newest label, cc:, he scores high-priced wine from California cult stars and brings them to the masses at slashed prices.

Nash Cab This Tennessee town is well-regarded for much more than music. On your next visit, be sure take in the wealth of edible offerings–from tacos to smoked lamb shoulder–that have sprung up in Nashville.

Pint-Size As the microbrew universe stretches to fit its growing number of residents, two new well-timed guides are here to aid you. Turn to them for help in finding the perfect beer for any mood, meal or price range.