Candy Bars, Marshmallows, Truffles, Hot Choc Pops And Brittle At Co Co Sala Boutique In Penn Quarter

Co Co. Sala opens a sweet boutique

With walls decorated with brown fabric to simulate flowing chocolate, and a menu that uses cocoa as a main ingredient, Co Co. Sala has always been a destination for anyone with a sweet tooth. But its new retail shop lets customers take the upscale confections home, too.

The new Co Co. Sala Boutique, open right next to the restaurant, offers take-home candies and chocolates from the kitchen's talented pastry team.

Festooned with sculptures made from chocolate and spun sugar, the tiny shrine to chocolate offers filled truffles and traditional bars–but the standouts of the new shop have seasonal appeal.

The dark Somethin' Pumpkin Bar ($6) marries candy and pie, with spices like clove, cinnamon and nutmeg warming the pumpkin-infused chocolate ganache filling. Pumpkin seeds flavor chocolate-covered brittle ($6.50).

Signature bars are a play on nostalgic treats. The Some More ($10) incorporates fluffy marshmallows and crisp graham cracker bits into a giant block of dark chocolate, while the milk chocolate Carnival ($10) blends caramel corn and candied apple chips.

As it gets cold, stock up on hot-chocolate pops ($4), which are meant to melt into hot chocolate in a mug of steamed milk. They're even better with a swizzle stick of chocolate bacon ($6).

Co Co. Sala, 929 F St. NW; 202-347-4265 or