Eat Wonky, Takorean And Fry Captain Food Trucks

Three new food trucks up the lunchtime ante

The downtown lunch scene is on a major upswing, with new food trucks rolling out almost weekly. The lines can get pretty long–your best bets are just before noon and after 2 p.m.–but if you're willing to try your lunch hour on a truck, here are our picks for three that are worth the wait.

TaKorean This aqua-color truck started serving its Korean-inspired tacos earlier this week. Choose from fillings like bulgogi-style grilled beef, tangy ginger- and soy-glazed chicken, and caramelized hoisin tofu ($2.50 each, or three for $7), each served in a corn tortilla. For crunch, we prefer the heat of the kimchi slaw to the subtle, vinegar-dressed romaine garnish. Whatever you order, ask for "the works" to get your taco topped with sriracha, lime crema, sesame seeds and cilantro. (Follow on Twitter: @takorean)

Fry Captain One of food's happiest marriages–fries and milkshakes–gets its due in this sleek black truck. The menu is simple: Thin, crispy fries ($3.50) come with a choice of seasonings like Cajun spice mix or sea salt, and rotating dipping sauces, including sriracha-sesame mayonnaise, truffle ketchup or mango chutney mayonnaise. The fries are just salty enough to warrant a thick strawberry or cinnamon-espresso shake ($3.50). We eagerly await the debut of the truck's duck-fat fries. (Follow on Twitter: @frycaptain)

Eat Wonky Things are just gravy at this Canadian-themed truck, where poutine ($5.50)–fries topped with gravy and cheese curds–is the specialty. It's not an eat-on-the-run snack, so the truck's purveyors thoughtfully set up picnic blankets nearby. There are also thick, smoky hot dogs ($3), poutine-topped dogs ($6), and whoopie pies ($3), which are provided by local baker Treet. (Follow on Twitter: @eatwonky)