Shaky Alibi Puts Liege Waffles To Good (And Delicious) Use

Go sweet and savory at Shaky Alibi

You don't need a trendy truck to serve street food in L.A., as proven by Mid-City's new Shaky Alibi, a sleek coffee shop and wafflerie.

The specialty here is the liège waffle, a rich, dense version of the breakfast classic that's found at street vendors throughout Belgium. It's pretty much the only food you can get at Shaky Alibi, but it's served in a variety of delicious ways.

A yeasty batter and chunks of pearl sugar, which caramelize when baked, give these little square treats their chewy texture and crunchy exterior. They are sweet enough to eat plain ($5.50), though a topping of fruit and whipped cream never hurts.

We like the waffles best with a swipe of speculoos, a Belgian graham-cracker spread whose texture is akin to peanut butter, and bananas ($8.50). Or be really indulgent and try one topped with a scoop of rich, organic vanilla ice cream ($8).

And as others have noticed, waffles aren't just for breakfast anymore. When split in half, these are sturdy vehicles for toasted meat-and-cheese combos like Black Forest ham and melted smoked fontina ($9; pictured).

Dusted with powdered sugar and served hot, it's like a Monte Cristo–only better.

Shaky Alibi, 7401 Beverly Blvd., Mid-City; 323-938-5282 or