Lobster Rolls And Shrimp Rolls From Red Hook Lobster Pound

A new food truck is the Maine event

Lobster lunches used to be a lobbyists-only splurge.

But with the impending debut–set for early next week–of the Red Hook Lobster Pound, lobster rolls could become the area's new lunchtime phenomenon.

This new food truck–which first appeared last summer in New York–will travel the city with a New England-inspired menu of fresh seafood sandwiches.

Maine native Susan Povich and her husband, Ralph Gorham, worked for months to perfect their lobster rolls ($15). The team serves two varieties: the traditional cold, Maine-style roll with mayonnaise (click here for the recipe), and the warm, butter-based Connecticut-style roll.

Povich and Gorham are purists, driving lobsters down from Maine each week to supply the operations in New York and D.C. Even their bread is authentic: The rolls–which come with a pickle–are served in crisped, doughy, Maine-made J.J. Nissen buns.

Drinks and desserts continue the New England theme: The truck serves fudgy, house-made whoopie pies ($3) and Maine Root soda ($2). There's also a fresh, tarragon-laced shrimp roll ($8) for lobster-free days.

The Pound plans to open a storefront down the line, where the team will sell whole cooked lobsters for take-home meals.