Favorite July Finds

Keep the best of the summer close at hand

Unlike the mystery container in your fridge, these leftovers from July are even better the second time around. And, thanks to our new To-Dos function, here's your chance to save the recipes, restaurants and products to your personalized list so you can relive July all year long.

Corny Contention Though it looks rather frightening, huitlacoche (also known as corn fungus or corn smut) is loaded with nutrients–and flavor. Chicago chef Rick Bayless stuffs it in everything from tarts to tacos.

Blonde and Sparkling Eccentricities excel when it comes to up-and-coming French winemaker Andrea Calek, who has released a white, lightly sparkling wine that is a category-defying and delicious option for summer.

Such a Drip Drip coffee is convenient, but a cup made from a French press has unparalleled flavor. Now you can enjoy the best of both with a simple tool that's got coffee geeks around the country excited.

Wheelin' and Dealin' It's a good sign when a cheese is so tasty that it doesn't last until dinner. The latest offering from Cowgirl Creamery is such a specimen; we're working up the willpower to save enough for our recipes.

Dog Town Summer's favorite food just got better–thanks to bacon. Complete your cookout with the delicious sausages from San Francisco butcher Ryan Farr, and top them off with his sweet-hot Money Sauce.