Favorite June Finds

Foods that score flavor goals

It was a long climb to the top for these fresh faces, with plenty of old favorites to surpass. But here they are, the finalists of this month's flavors–and we're giving them another victory lap (sans vuvuzela):

Twice Met We prefer kitchen tools that can carry their weight. To that end, here are clever ways to repurpose seemingly single-function items like waffle irons, Bundt pans and ice cream makers.

Sauced Up Chiles take the spotlight in this specialty hot sauce from San Francisco. We'll be putting it on everything for some additional heat this summer.

Shrub a Dub Dub Despite its diminutive name, this punchy fruit syrup gives added value to any cocktail. Use up the last of your rhubarb to make Terroir Tribeca's sprightly version.

Seed Saver Give your peanuts a rest and try these delicious Sacha Inchi seeds, which are saturated with serious omegas. They come roasted, sweetened or flavored with tamari, and are great by the handful or in salads.

Test Drive Buying wine without tasting it first is a gamble; now there's no need to put your drinking fate in luck's hands. The new website TastingRoom.com offers the option of swirling from sample-size bottles before you make more of a commitment.