Favorite May Finds

The cream of this month's food crop

In Cannes, films are vying for critics' picks; on TV, the Lakers and the Suns duke it out for the NBA finals; and a few weeks ago, chefs went head-to-head for a James Beard award. Below, we give you stories that won over our forks this Month. May the best taste win.

Duck & Cover A new type of bird–the Lola duck from the Hudson Valley–is in the midst of an identity crisis, to the delight of chefs everywhere. It keeps its traditional ducky flavor, though the meat is leaner than the standard bird.

Dinner Finder This game-changing recipe searcher is like a psychic for your stomach. The more you use it, the better it can predict what types of dishes you prefer to cook.

Java Jolt Erase memories of syrupy espresso martinis from your memory: Firelit's rich coffee liqueur draws on the brews of Blue Bottle's cult coffee to give it its buzz.

Fruit Hunter High fruit season brings out the compulsive buyer in us–which is great for our tastebuds, less so for our wallets. But since there's no exchange policy at the farmers' market, allow Deborah Madison's new cookbook to turn your impulse into sweet reward.

Choc-A-Noodle-Do Ramen noodles and chocolate: Enough said.