Pies 'N' Thighs And St. Anselm And Fatty Cue Are Williamsburg's New Meat Palaces

The first round wasn't meaty enough.

That must have been the collective line of thinking in the minds behind Fatty Crab, Fette Sau and Pies 'N' Thighs when they considered branching out with a second act.

As such, they've succeeded admirably: These three new Williamsburg spots have upped the carnivore quotient of the neighborhood considerably. In honor of their efforts, we've picked each restaurant's most over-the-top dishes (don't try them all in one night):

Pies 'N' Thighs Williamsburgers rejoiced when this Southern-food-slinging staple reopened in a permanent space this March. Stick to the fried-chicken box ($11), which includes two pieces of chicken expertly fried to a place where "moist" and "crisp" harmoniously intersect, plus a stout, buttery biscuit and a side (skip the mac and cheese for the porky collards).

St. Anselm Having conquered barbecue at Fette Sau across the street from this new spot, owner Joe Carroll takes a stab at the behemoth burgers and dogs of New Jersey. The Newark Dog ($11) is a feat of gravity-defying proportions: two hot dogs (from Karl Ehmer in Queens), thick-cut french fries, fried peppers and onions stuffed inside a thick ration of pizza bread.

Fatty 'Cue This Southeast Asian barbecue spot was worth the wait: We're enamored with the wagyu brisket ($18) served on a platter of bao buns with chile jam for DIY sandwich making. But heavy hitters should call ahead for the smoked pig's head (pictured; $40 for a half head, $80 for a whole). It comes to your table with pineapple curry, Thai basil, plenty of those buns, vegetables, rice‚Äďand a stack of latex gloves, to afford you some semblance of propriety as you tear the meat apart with your hands.