Popcycle Peddles (And Pedals) Fresh-Fruit Popsicles In Los Angeles

Popcycle peddles (and pedals) fresh-fruit frozen treats

If last summer was the year of the ice cream sandwich, 2010 is the year of the popsicle–or rather, the Popcycle.

This weekend, Hollywood denizens–especially those waiting in line for the first Cinespia movie of the season–should keep an eye out for a new kind of food on wheels: a bicycle peddling the freshest frozen fruit pops we've tasted.

The Popcycle is powered by food and biking enthusiasts Michelle Sallah and John Cassidy. Sallah, a private chef, picks peak-season produce from the weekly farmers' market to create her refreshing, icy treats.

Debut flavors will include orange with chunks of sweet-tart blackberries; salted cucumber and lime; grapefruit-chamomile; and strawberry-lemon. And Sallah is already dreaming of melon medleys for late summer.

Organic sugar balances the fruit's natural acidity, resulting in a pop ($3) that's sweet enough for kids, but not too sweet for more refined palates.

Cassidy, who custom-built the blaze-orange two-wheeler, is the official pedal-pusher. While the soft launch is slated for this weekend, starting next week, you'll find the two pushing Popcycle treats around Hollywood (their home base) and neighboring Larchmont and Silver Lake.

The best way to keep track of their whereabouts is on Twitter.