Favorite April Finds

The best of the month's finds

This month, we unearthed some seriously delicious finds. And now that we're hooked on April's best offerings, not even a giant volcano eruption could keep us from them (unless we were in the UK, that is). Below, our favorite new obsessions:

• Keeping track of all the recipes you try (and want to try)–not to mention all of the pieces of culinary insight you've written in the margins–is no easy task. Let the new recipe journal from Moleskine help you organize your kitchen endeavors.

• Sometimes the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts. Take the cake ball as a prime example: This bite-size dessert from The Cake Ball Company rearranges the components of cake (crumbs and frosting formed into a ball and covered in chocolate) into an addictive, miniature treat.

• Cocktail fans, rejoice: A long-lost purple liqueur–and cornerstone for classic drink-making–is back in production and turning us into bona fide history buffs.

• There's only one good thing about not living close to Les Madeleines bakery in Salt Lake City: There's no quantity restriction to ordering Romina Rasmussen's amazing pastries online (in-store purchases are limited to meet the huge local demand).

• Our passion for cherry-flavored beverages started early, with cherry soda. Now we've graduated to cocktails spiked with these cherry liqueurs–the perfect refreshment for spring.