Italian Subs At All About The Bread In Los Angeles

Another drive-worthy Italian sub hits L.A.

For anyone not in the general vicinity of Bay Cities, you no longer have to drive to Santa Monica when you're craving an old-school Italian sub.

The Godfather at All About the Bread on Melrose is every bit as good as the famed Godmother (no relation).

With a name like that, the bread had better be the star, and AAB doesn't disappoint. Perfectly engineered for sandwiches, the bun's crisp and bubbly exterior adds structural integrity, while the soft interior embraces the meats and cheeses inside.

And because loaves come out of the oven approximately every 30 minutes, you'll get a fresh-baked roll just about any time of day.

The Godfather ($6.50 for a small sub; $8.50 for a large) is thick with spicy capicola, pistachio-studded mortadella, prosciutto di Parma, sliced ham and provolone cheese.

Ask for "the works" to get extras like onions, pickles and spicy or mild peppers, but purists should specify "no mayo or mustard" and stick with Italian dressing for more-distinct flavors and less slippage.

AAB's meatball sub–with the marinara served on the side to prevent excessive sogginess–is an easy second favorite.

All About the Bread, 7111 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles; 323-930-8989 or