The Slaw Dogs Brings Gourmet Hot Dogs And All The Fixings To Pasadena

Hot dogs with all (and we mean all) the fixings

Hot dogs might be the great American picnic staple, but at The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena, the fusion flavors are strictly L.A.

Consider the place a melting pot of hot dogs. There are more than 10 links on the menu–including all-beef kosher hot dogs, Bavarian bratwurst, spicy Polish sausage and vegetarian dogs–either steamed, grilled or deep-fried.

But then things get really global. Inspired by the Southland's ethnic enclaves and the abundance of local produce, owner Raymond Byrne came up with more than 40 different accompaniments for your dogs.

You can build your own creation (the current record for toppings stands at 14), but the house combos, like the Thai Slaw Dog ($7), a charbroiled spicy chicken sausage topped with cool, crunchy cabbage-carrot-peanut slaw and sriracha aioli, are already cult favorites.

Inspired by the infamous Oki Dog, the TNT Super Dog ($9)–a deep-fried beef hot dog, pastrami, bacon, chili, fries and cheese wrapped in one giant tortilla–easily serves two.

Watch the little pig chalkboard for special dogs with seasonal toppings, like spicy-sweet kumquat chutney or fresh fennel-and-Satsuma orange slaw, made with local farmers' market ingredients.

You know, for a lighter touch.

The Slaw Dogs, 720 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena; 626-808-9777 or