Andrew Shott's Exotic Chocolates

Inspired chocolates for true romantics

Love is bittersweet. But sometimes it's also minty. Or filled with Cognac and passion-fruit ganache. Or Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Every Valentine's Day, Rhode Island-based confectioner Andrew Shotts creates a sampler of 12 exotically flavored chocolates inspired by history's most storied romantics.

This year, his eighth annual collection includes bite-size tributes to star-crossed couples like John Smith (praline) and Pocahontas (spearmint), Dhola (guava) and Maru (extra-bitter chocolate), the aforementioned Muppets (prickly pear and ginger) and–what?!–Rudy and Judi Giuliani (graham cracker, caramel and marshmallow).

The assortment–available in boxes of 12 ($25) or 24 ($48) pieces–also pays homage to some notable Lotharios: Aladdin (milk chocolate and vanilla beans), Bugsy Siegel (Cognac and orange zest) and Sir John of Gwydir (wasabi and white chocolate).

But if a box of chocolates–even one this exceptional–is too prosaic for your beloved, take the matter into your own hands by making Shotts's can't-fail fudgy chocolate cake at home.