Tipsy Parson Restaurant In Chelsea, New York And Pimento Cheese Recipe

Tipsy Parson charms in Chelsea

The NYC restaurant scene has picked up something of a drawl lately, but the newest member to the Southern-comfort club, Tipsy Parson, has the sweetest accent we've heard so far.

With old church pews, antiques and trompe l'oeil wall treatments, the space is warm with a patina of long habituation (impressive, considering it's only a month old).

But there's more to this cookshop than just Southern charm. The restaurant's owners–Tasha Garcia Gibson and Julie Taras Wallach–have extended the universally American appeal of their first venture, Little Giant, to the menu, though with a more soulful slant.

This is most evident at the beginning and end of your meal: Fluffy hush puppies, spicy pickled shrimp, stick-to-your-fingers lamb ribs and deep-fried turkey tails are a great way to start your meal, especially with a classic gin martini. (Sure, the frozen Concord grape julep is the undisputed draw at the bar, but the house martini is uncommonly good and much better at warding off the winter chills.)

Then finish up with a baked-to-order apple pie for two or the restaurant's namesake dessert, a trifle-y combo of almond cake and vanilla custard.

Right now, all of the restaurant's snacks would translate well into festive, party-worthy appetizers, especially the creamy pimento cheese spiked with tangy artichoke hearts–which is served as part of the "crackers and dips" plate (click here to download the recipe).

Smear it on toast or serve it as a dip or burger topping; either way, we know you–y'all, rather–will love it.

Tipsy Parson, 156 Ninth Ave., (between 19th and 20th sts.); 212-620-4545 or