Chef Dave Danhi's Grilled Cheese Truck In Los Angeles

Dave Danhi is taking grilled cheese to the street

You probably don't need a Cheesy Mac and Rib sandwich in your life, but thanks to Dave Danhi, it's there when you're ready for it.

The chef (pictured), along with business partner Michelle Grant, unleashed the creation–creamy macaroni and cheese topped with tender barbecue pork, sandwiched between two slices of toasted bread–from their Grilled Cheese Truck last month.

After last helming kitchens for the King's Seafood Company (Water Grill, Ocean Avenue Seafood), Danhi took a 10-year hiatus from professional stoves. But when he saw the fervor over the Grilled Cheese Invitational, coupled with the popularity of L.A.'s food-truck scene, he got back in the game.

Anyone can make a grilled cheese, but to make something like the Harvest Melt with roasted butternut squash, Gruyère and balsamic-agave syrup (download the recipe here), you need to know a few things–like what bread to use (Danhi favors Oliver's Pullman loaves) and which cheeses melt best.

And when you do it right, they will come: More than 300 grilled cheeses are served from the mobile kitchen daily, and two more trucks are planned for 2010.

While he has hundreds of sandwich recipes at hand, Danhi's always looking for more. He'll even take your suggestions: If your melt makes the menu, he'll name it after you–and you'll get to sample it for free.