Domestic Wine For Thanksgiving And And Community Supported Kitchens And Chicken Eglus And Tasting Table Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

A recap of autumn's finest

After Halloween passes, it feels like New Year's is just a blink away. With shorter days and longer to-do lists, we can't blame you for losing an e-mail or two in the shuffle: Here's what you need to read in order to catch up for the month ahead:

• Still not sure what wine(s) to pour on Thanksgiving? Check out this list of value-priced bottles from some of the West Coast's best producers.

• Don't let tryptophan end your celebrating early. Hit to order beans from your favorite small roaster to stay energetic all day (you'll need an extra cup or two to get through all those dishes).

• Keep your holiday local and effortless with a CSK (community supported kitchen). They team up with nearby farms to turn all that produce into delicious (and stress-free) meals for your table.

• Though turkey has the spotlight this week, we still have a soft spot for our other favorite poultry. And with a Chicken Eglu, raising your own birds has never been simpler (and that morning omelet never more delicious).

• In case you need some last-minute inspiration, feast your eyes on our special Thanksgiving print-and-stain recipe guide, tirelessly tasted and tested by the Tasting Table team just for you.