Ri Ra Irish Pubs And Chef Jamie Oliver's Cookbook And Mendocino Sea Salts And Wine In Kegs And Forking Fantastic Cookbook

Going beyond the standard squash

Pumpkins may be in short supply, but don't let that stop you from jumping into other October finds. Here are a few of our favorites:

• Think you've graduated from drinking experiences that center around a keg? Think again: Wine lovers are becoming reacquainted with kegs at restaurants that offer pours straight from the barrel.

• Jamie Oliver's revolution will be televised, and we're all for it. Using his new prime-time TV show and cookbook as the medium, this British chef aims to get America cooking healthfully.

• We're can't stop sprinkling this sea-fed line of salts over our dinner. Harvested from the Pacific by a Mendocino-based couple, their "Seasoning Sand" makes the perfect sweet-salty rub.

• Get a taste of Irish hospitality at Rì Rà, a collection of pubs from two Dublin expats who aim to bring the best of Ireland across the pond.

• Throw a top-notch dinner party without taking out Grandma's china with help from the new Forking Fantastic cookbook. Its recipe for "Crack Ham" will please any crowd.