Umami Burger In Los Feliz Los Angeles Happy Hour Deal

Umami Burger's delicious new happy-hour bargain

Umami Burger die-hards thought owner Adam Fleischman was crazy to replicate his unique burger joint all over town. But now they have something to look forward to: Exclusive dishes at each new location.

The new Los Feliz Umami (the first of three to open in the coming months) is much larger than the original, with its own beer and wine bar. The menu offers favorites like the killer triple-pork burger with Manchego cheese, and, of course, the eponymous burger filled with "umami x 6" flavor.

But the new Smashburger, served only at the bar for happy hour (daily from 3 to 7 p.m.), is the reason to go.

It's a classic diner-style burger with an Umami twist. As at the Midwestern chain Steak 'n Shake (and NYC's Shake Shack), the cooks use a spatula to smash a freshly ground beef patty on the griddle so it's thin and crisps on the edges.

The burger comes topped with pickles, charred onions and house-made American cheese, which melts into every crevice of the meat. No need for special sauce or condiments–flavorful juices permeate the soft bun down to the last bite.

The best part: The Smashburger is only $5. Paired with a $4 draft like Allagash White, it's easily one of the best deals in town.

Umami Burger, 4655 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz; 323-669-3922 or