Jacques Torres Chocolate Bars At Chelsea Market, New York

Jacques Torres turns beans into bars in time for his Chelsea Market debut

Over the years, Jacques Torres's brand has grown to include multiple chocolate emporiums, an ice cream parlor and cocoa in every imaginable form.

Now, just in time for the opening of his new Chelsea Market kiosk, Torres has introduced his first full-fledged bean-to-bar line.

Whereas most manufacturers buy their chocolate pre-made, Torres is building his new collection from scratch. (He gave the process a shot a few years ago, but was disappointed by the results, so he sold his equipment before deciding to revisit the scheme.)

He starts with dried, fermented cocoa beans, then launches a three-plus-day process that includes blending and roasting in his Hudson Street store. The result is a small-batch chocolate that is produced according to Torres's tastes.

The debut bar ($5.50 for 2.8 ounces) is 70 percent-cacao made with beans from the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador. It's citrusy, a bit woodsy and completely pure–no flavorings have been added. Torres calls his new creation chocolat de dégustation; we simply call it delicious.

As an added bonus, proceeds from the bar benefit the NYC Goes Orange campaign, which will help feed hungry New Yorkers.

Jacques Torres Chocolate, Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave. (at 16th St.); 212-414-2462 or mrchocolate.com