Sweet And Savory Pies From Frankie And Tiny's Pies In Los Angeles

Frankie & Tiny's gives the classic pot pie a makeover

When it comes to comfort food, few things are as satisfying as a classic pot pie. But for pot pies with an edge, try Frankie & Tiny's.

Owner Carrie Umlauf–who runs That Girl Carrie Catering–has always been known for her sweets. So when she launched her pie business, she started by selling delicious, seasonal fruit pies at local farmers' markets.

But then she went savory, and things got interesting.

Umlauf's Voodoo BBQ Pork Pie (pictured, $6), filled with slow-roasted pork and a tangy barbecue sauce made with blackstrap molasses, is like a pulled-pork sandwich in double-crust pie form. The Mob Pie ($6) is reminiscent of a calzone, with chunks of Italian sausage, melted mozzarella and roasted tomatoes. And the creamy chicken pot pie ($6), Umlauf's grandmother's recipe, is rich and homespun.

Crust can make or break any pie, and Umlauf's is buttery, flaky and perfectly tender. Her secret: She adds a bit of vodka to the dough for extra body (don't worry, it cooks off).

You can find Frankie & Tiny's Pies on Fridays at the Eagle Rock farmers' market and Saturdays in Silver Lake. You can also call ahead and pre-order any pie to ensure she won't run out of your favorite.