Calphalon Pan + Wine And Cookbook Club + TCHO Chocolate + Scotch Eggs + Element Bars

Five ways to weather the shoulder season

Summer is drawing to a close and though the lingering heat makes it hard to believe, it'll be sweater weather any minute. Here are this month's top tips for making a tasty transition.

• Grilling is great, but as the late-summer heat wave rolls through, you won't catch us near an open fire. Instead, we'll be cooking perfectly seared steaks indoors with this new line of nonstick pans.

• Just in time for school, this monthly cookbook-and-wine club from and Pasanella & Son makes hitting the books easier (and boozier) than ever.

• We used to think there was no such thing as bad chocolate–but TCHO's Timothy Childs is on a tech-fueled mission to produce chocolate that will leave all other bars in the dust.

• The country's restaurants are draping their menus in eggy decadence. Here, our favorite riffs on the Scotch egg, plus a look a few places that have mastered the classic recipe.

• The dog days of summer can suck the life out of anyone: Rev up with bespoke energy bars made from the healthful ingredients of your choosing.