Mint Juleps, Santa Monica's Cache Restaurant, Hollywood Bowl Picnics And Farmers Market Mulberries In Los Angeles

Highlights from another delicious month

The days are getting shorter, but summer isn't over yet: There's still plenty of time for icy cocktails, outdoor dining and and the farmers' market berries you only see for a short time each year. Here are few extra helpings to savor the end of the season.

• Kentucky might lay claim to the classic mint julep, but when you add blackberries, cucumbers and LA Mill's Moroccan mint tea, it's an altogether L.A. thing. Cool off with BOA's refreshing version at home.

• Josiah Citrin, long known for high-end California cuisine with French flourishes, put his stamp on the more low-key Caché in Santa Monica this summer. See how he treats flatbread pizzas, house-made pickles and burgers.

• Dining for one doesn't have to be boring. Heirloom-LA's lasagna cupcake is perfect for those times when you want a few bites of lasagna but don't feel like making a whole pan. Order six cupcakes and freeze them for later use.

• The Philharmonic leaves the Hollywood Bowl soon, but there are plenty of shows left throughout September. Don't forget the picnic–these restaurants make delicious and easy grab-and-go boxes.

• Since Weiser Farms had a late harvest, their farmers' market stand still has mulberries for a little longer. They're perfect in crumbles—or try them topped with crème fraîche for a sweet, simple dessert.