Eating And Drinking In July By Tasting Table

Don't let summer slip by without these tasty tidbits

There are 51 days of summer left (but who's counting?), which means you have one day to refamiliarize yourself with our top stories from July, and 50 more days–plenty of time–to work these five discoveries into your August itinerary. The clock is ticking...

• If you've safely avoided the tomato blight (we haven't), take advantage of your good fortune by turning bruised and surplus tomatoes into an amazing homemade ketchup with a recipe from one of Seattle's best chefs.

• You can now buy Island Creek Oysters–some of the country's most sought-after bivalves–online and have them delivered to your door in hours. Plus, they're at their peak year-round, thanks to the cool waters of Massachusetts's Duxbury Bay.

• We like tacos–and we like Korean food–so our affection for Korean tacos came easily. But the country's cuisine has more to offer in the wraps category. Learn about the wonders of ssam and gu-jeol-pan here.

• Now's the time to catch up on your reading list. Or add to it: Pick up one (or all) of these great new beach-worthy books, or check out the definitive guide to bacon by a guy who really knows his pork.

• Although most of us favor white wine during hot summer months, there are those who eschew anything but red, no matter the season. Enough already! Ply them away from the dark side with these bold wines we like to call Whites that Drink Like Reds.