Mozza 2 Go Pizzeria And Restaurant| Los Angeles, CA

L.A.'s best pizza--and so much more--goes takeout

For two years, the only way to get a Nancy Silverton pizza was to fight the throngs at the always-crowded Pizzeria Mozza. But now there's Mozza 2 Go, a new takeout-only outpost next door–and it even delivers.

The menu is similar to the original–including pizzas like the addictive fennel sausage, panna and red onion–but don't overlook newcomers like nodini (fresh mozzarella knots) with homemade pepperonata ($12), or hunks of spinach lasagna layered with rich béchamel and meat sauce ($21). One of the most delicious additions is the porchetta panino ($15): thick slices of seasoned, tender slow-roasted pork between two rounds of warm, crusty, chewy bread. It's simply perfection.

Fans of Silverton's butterscotch budino will rejoice that the creamy pudding ($8) is available, as well as sweets like diminutive lemon-rosemary olive oil cakes ($5) and bags of mixed biscotti ($11).

There are no seats or tables–just a counter filled with pastries and Italian goods for retail–but everything is packaged for travel in biodegradable containers. Definitely add this one to the Hollywood Bowl provisions list (call ahead to order), as long as you don't mind jealous looks from your Garden Box neighbors.

Mozza 2 Go, 6610 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles; 323-297-1130 or