Italian Ice Cream Sandwiches: Gelato & Brioche

Gelato + brioche = the perfect portable snack

Few foods kick-start the day like an eggy brioche–except when the mercury rises. The solution: Shove some gelato inside.

Southern Italians have been doing this for years, and now the combination is spreading across the country like a delicious cold front. The pairing is so genius, why relegate it strictly to breakfast?

San Francisco Inspired by Naples's Gelateria Otranto, Pizzeria Delfina chef Craig Stoll serves a Neopolitan ice cream sandwich at his Pacific Heights location. There, fresh-baked brioche meets six flavors of gelato, spun fresh daily. Stoll is a sucker for chocolate and citrus; test his palate with a pairing of Sharffen Berger chocolate and Mexican lime gelatos (pictured). 2406 California St.; 415-440-1189 or

New York Gelato in brioche was a no-brainer for the Sicilian owners of L'Arte del Gelato's three outposts. The brioche comes from Russo Bakery in Queens, and this time of year, the staff favorite is a fior di fragola (strawberry) and straciatella (chocolate chip) combo.

Philadelphia At each of its five locations, Capogiro warms its Au Fournil brioche before slapping on house-made gelato. Chef Stephanie Reitano's two favorite flavors are strawberry and pistachio.

Seattle Poco Carretto, the roving gelato cart from Café Juanita's Holly Smith, hits seven farmers' markets per week during the summer months. Come July, her house-made brioche will again be available. Smith's preferred stuffing is burnt-sugar gelato; she likens the pairing to a chilly twist on crème brûlée.