Late Night Sausages At Wurstkuche | Los Angeles, CA

With later hours and D.J.s, there's more than gourmet links at Wurstküche

When you get a late-night sausage craving, you can try to find one of the elusive, illegal, bacon-dog vendors around town–or you can head straight for Wurstküche, the Arts District "sausage kitchen" that now grills until midnight.

Wurstküche offers more than 20 sausage varieties, all grilled to perfection and served in crusty Homeboy Bakery rolls. The basic brats or hot links are excellent, but don't miss the exotics like juicy duck with bits of smoky bacon, chicken with chunks of mango and fresh jalapeno, and the much-ballyhooed rattlesnake and rabbit sausage, which sounds more unusual than it tastes (it's delicious). Fries are sliced thick and twice-fried until crispy; they're perfect with curry ketchup or any of the eight dipping sauces.

The back room is in full swing with long communal tables, worn wooden benches, high ceilings and myriad beers on tap, including Franziskaner Hefe-wiesse or Houblan Chouffe IPA. But now there's a tiny patio on Third Street, sure to be in high demand this summer, and D.J.s spin at night. It's like a German beer hall, L.A. boho-style.

Wurstküche, 800 E. 3rd St., Downtown; 213-687-4444 or