Tasty Desserts At Platine Cookies | Culver City, CA

Small treats with big flavors at Platine Cookies

Jamie Cantor's cookies are some of the most delectable we've found in L.A., but that's not all the French Laundry alum creates at her new Culver City bakery, Platine Cookies. From decadent cakes, seasonal tarts and rich pots de crème–all in mini form–the pastry chef has a way with sweets.

Everything at Platine tastes homespun, the way Mom would bake if she worked under the watchful eye of Thomas Keller. We can't get over the "short stack," (pictured) three tiny pancakes soaked in maple-orange syrup and topped with tidbits of sugar-glazed bacon and "bacon candy," a sticky, hardened glaze. It's breakfast in one bite, but a fun twist for an anytime dessert ($2; available next week).

Cantor's gooey caramel-covered brownies sell out fast, but the perfectly sweet cream-cheese brownies are an excellent stand-in. On the cookie front, don't miss the Platinos, a softer version of the classic Oreo ($2).

The space is mostly a commercial kitchen with a small retail area where the treats are displayed in a glass counter, like jewels. It's grab-and-go for now, but she'll soon have a few tables out front where you can sit and snack.

Platine Cookies, 10850 Washington Blvd., Culver City; 310.559.9933 or platinecookies.com