Irish Pub Food At Wilfie & Nell | West Village, NYC

One night a year, we crave corned beef and shepherd's pie. Unfortunately, it's the same night our chances of enjoying a quiet Irish supper are nil. This year, we're thanking our lucky shamrocks for Wilfie & Nell, a new West Village bar that serves some of the city's best Irish food–and serves it long after the rest of the leprechauns have gone home to sleep one off.

But don't be mistaken: Wilfie & Nell is a busy, bustling bar, with no discernable seating policy. Landing a table is a free-for-all, though you can eat at the bar and just about anywhere else you can balance a plate. But if you stop by at the beginning or end of the night (food is served from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.), your chances of snagging a seat increase dramatically.

Created by Momofuku and Rusty Knot alum Joaquin Baca, the menu is classic pub fare at fine-dining caliber. Start with the Scotch egg ($4), a hard-boiled egg encased in sausage and deep-fried, or a bowl of bacony split-pea soup ($6). The grilled-cheese sandwiches ($7) are the best Irish toasties we've enjoyed this side of Dublin, but the corned beef and Gruyère sandwich ($9) is what we'll be having before giving our Irish goodbye.

Wilfie & Nell, 228 W. Fourth St. (at W. 10th St.); 212-242-2990 or