Announcing Tasting Table's Everywhere Edition

Announcing Tasting Table's Everywhere edition

Dear Tasting Table Subscriber:

It's time to branch out.

For a few months, we've been your daily source for the best eats and drinks that New York City has to offer. Starting soon, we're extending our reach–to the entire country.

Our new national edition, Tasting Table Everywhere, will keep you informed about the hottest dining trends, the latest food luminaries and the best new wines, spirits and cocktails around the country. We'll also direct you to essential new websites, kitchen tools and ingredients. And since you like to travel, we'll cover that, too, with weekly updates about where to eat on the road and how to plan your next food-driven vacation.

But don't worry, New Yorkers: Tasting Table NYC isn't going away. In fact, it'll only get better, with more local, obsessively gathered advice on how to make your daily life more delicious.

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