Yuzu Kaiseki-Style Dinner Platters | NYC Tasting Table

Yuzu delivers gorgeous, ready-made (and healthy!) dinner parties

We all love going to holiday parties, but hosting one can bring a bigger headache than an eggnog hangover. Give yourself a break by throwing an effortless, artful and rejuvenating gathering, courtesy of Yuzu.

This recently launched delivery service brings kaiseki—the Japanese art of balancing taste with texture and appearance—to your home via chef Tetsuya Okuda's bento-like Sozai platters. Each platter costs $23, serves one person and consists of nine small, ornate dishes made with ingredients high in antioxidants and other curative properties.

Drawing from his experiences at Jewel Bako and Asiate, Okuda combines Asian and European flavors in foods like seafood dumplings, grilled salmon-and-rice balls and duck confit with black bean sauce. Even the delicious desserts, like tofu chocolate cake with tea powder, promote well-being, since they're sweetened only with agave, brown rice or maple syrups.

Ordering from Yuzu is a lesson in dinner party ingenuity: The bento-style platters are biodegradable, so there's practically no cleanup. Although you have to order three days in advance, at least you can do your waiting at someone else's over-the-top soiree.

Yuzu, 718-544-5065 or yuzuny.com