Sukhadia's Indian Sweets In NYC

Sukhadia's offers an exotic alternative to tired Halloween treats

This Halloween, your seasonal sweet tooth deserves something tastier and more unexpected than Hershey's Miniatures castoffs. Stock up on more exotic treats at Sukhadia's, a time-honored Indian sweet shop in Midtown.

Using recipes that date back to 19th-century India, Sukhadia's creates sculpted neon confections that fill vast rows of industrial-sized trays. Try the almond poori, a pumpkin-colored piece of marzipan fragrant with rosewater and studded with a shiny almond. Checkerboard squares of green and orange burfee (reminiscent of the Indian flag) make for a rich, milky bite. The cardamom syrup-soaked gulab jamun outshine those at most Indian restaurants, but it's the jalebi—crispy fried spirals of sugary dough—that sell out the quickest.

This year, India's own sweets-heavy holiday, Diwali, or "Festival of Lights," falls the same week as Halloween. You can add a taste of Diwali to your celebration with Sukhadia's one-pound samplers (pictured; $11 to $15). Though they appeal to more mature tastes than, say, wax fangs, each bite will still give you giddy childish delight.

Sukhadia's, 17 W. 45th St. (between 5th and 6th aves.); 212-395-7300 or