This Secret Ingredient Can Really Elevate Your Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are something of a quintessential breakfast food. They're warm and comforting, but you have to admit that they can get a little boring from time to time if you don't switch things up. You might have noticed that it always seems like scrambled eggs are just better when you order them in restaurants. But is that a real thing? 

In fact, that might be true, depending on how you like your scrambled eggs. Restaurants do have a few tips, tricks, and secret ingredients for really elevating this seemingly simple dish. For example, IHOP adds a little pancake batter to their scrambled eggs to ensure they are light and fluffy while remaining filling, according to The Daily Meal.

While you might not have pancake batter at the ready every time you make scrambled eggs at home, there is another ingredient you may want to use. It's likely that you even have it lying around already, making it even easier to take your scrambled eggs to the next level. So, what's the special ingredient?

Even professional chefs use this secret ingredient

Instead of sprinkling a pinch of salt into your scrambled eggs, try pouring a bit of soy sauce in with them next time. According to Reader's Digest, this is one of the oldest tricks of the culinary trade, at least among professional chefs. 

But why not just use regular table salt? The trouble there is that salt can sometimes bond together and form little clumps. That means you'll have some bites of scrambled eggs that are unpleasantly salty, while others are disappointingly plain. And consider the timing, too. If you add the salt too soon, it can cause the eggs to become watery, according to Eat This, Not That!

Soy sauce is a great solution to these issues. The liquid seasoning evenly spreads throughout the eggs, so you'll have just enough of it in every bite. Plus, the sodium in soy sauce won't cause the eggs to weep and become runny when you add it. If you're gluten-free or need another option, consider using tamari instead. Whether you use that or regular soy sauce, simply add a few shakes the next time you scramble it up. It just might be your new favorite way to take your eggs in the morning.